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There’s nothing like soaking in all of that crisp fall air in the morning on your way out the door. Just as you look at yourself in the mirror before stepping outside, give your lawn a once over as you walk to your vehicle. Make sure you have everything to conquer your day and that your lawn is set up for success to be the beautiful Boone NC landscape you’ve enjoyed seasons prior.

Upon daily inspection keep an eye out for discoloration, webbing, unfamiliar growth, and even layers of dust. These may be signs of some of the top lawn illnesses in landscaping. The five most common lawn illnesses that can be found in Landscaping  Boone NC  are brown patches, fairy circles, red thread, powdery mildew and snow mold. Although a regularly maintained lawn is not as susceptible to lawn illnesses as more heavily trafficked fields such as game turf or golf courses, it is good to identify any inconsistencies in your lawn and get ahead of treatment if it is something within your control. 

Brown patches are common in many areas. They are identified by their circular shape and brown or yellow color. Brown patches may appear in clusters giving you “polka dotted” lawn. These usually occur during times of high heat and can spread through moisture if not treated right away. 

Fairy rings can be identified by the growth of mushrooms in a circular pattern. You may not see these as common in Boone NC landscape because this illness stems underground. The fungus developed underground may cause mushroom growth or discolored dark green or brown grass to appear in a circular pattern as the illness is pushed outward.  

Red thread is caused by low Nitrogen levels and can be identified by pink and red threaded patches on your lawn.  These threads usually form in the damp spring weather. Unlike brown patches, red thread does not kill your grass, the fungus of red thread lives in the soil and can be treated with proper fertilizers. Consult  landscaping Boone NC  professionals at  Premier Landscape Management & Maintenance for recommendations. 

Powdery mildew, not to be confused with snow mold or actual snow  is a powdery white fungus that may appear on your lawn in cooler weather. Snow mold can appear as both grey or pink snow mold and is a fungus formed once snow settles into the ground without freezing for a period of time. Come spring time you can simply rake or aerate your lawn to keep your Boone NC landscape clean of snow mold. 

If you are unsure how to identify or treat a lawn illness, have the best landscaping Boone NC  maintain your lawn now to make it just right in preparation for all seasons. Here at  Premier Landscape Management & Maintenance we have trained professionals dedicated to providing quality landscaping services across Ashe, Boone, Wilkes and Allegheny counties. Our Boone NC landscaping scope covers everything from general lawn maintenance to Hardscaping services at an affordable cost keeping our mountain communities beautiful and regularly maintained for longevity. 

 Premier Landscape Management & Maintenance is equipped to handle all of your related landscaping Boone NC needs. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a free estimate or consultation for landscaping Boone NC and surrounding areas, please call us at 336-877-7990, or fill out our quick contact form and we will be in touch.