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Banner Elk Landscaping

Premier Landscape & Maintenance is not located in Banner Elk but should be your go-to landscaper in Banner Elk. We strive to maintain outstanding customer service as well as professionalism on and off the job. We will ensure our customers with the best outcomes that will leave you speechless. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation to begin the transformation. Banner Elk Landscaping is where you want to start.

Landscaping in Banner Elk

Banner Elk NC is a small town near Boone and is a perfect place to embark on an outdoor project. With the help of our professional landscapers, we are prepared to assist with any transformation. Premier Landscape & Maintenance provides an ideal scheduling process with flexible hours to fit everyone’s needs. We are able to provide our clients with services that include lawn maintenance, retaining walls, patio contractor, tree landscaping, snow removal, water features and so much more. Our landscaping company is going to be ideal for all of your lawn needs.

Banner Elk is a quaint little town just a few minutes from Boone North Carolina. There is a considerable amount of activities that will show you what Banner Elk is all about. There are multiple shops as well as extremely popular restaurants that will fit everyone’s pallet.

What to Check Out

A go-to restaurant in Banner Elk is Louisiana Purchase. They are AAA three diamond award winner and recipient of Wine Spectator Magazine’s Best of Award of Excellence since 1994-2017. With 34 years of service in Banner Elk, they are sure to meet all your expectations. Whether you attend in a group or with a couple of friends you are sure to have an incredible experience. Reservations are not required but they will ensure you are seated quickly with little to no wait.

Banner Elk Winery is another spectacular part of the town. It is just a short drive from downtown and will give you the perfect scenery to enjoy the number of wines including select award-winning bottles. Relax in the peaceful mountainous air either at the winery and vineyards or in our luxurious private retreat, the Villa, you will not be disappointed.

An activity that will ensure the whole family is happy is Edge of the World. This is a 5-star family friendly outdoor activity that offers you more water time and food with the trip. Not only do they have whitewater rafting, but they also offer kayaking and rock climbing. With the value for your money you will get a home cooked meal, free reruns for as long as you want and so much more. Where other companies just serve sandwiches for lunch, we serve fried chicken, biscuits, homemade trail mix and freshly squeezed lemonade with the perfect sweetness. We pride ourselves on our fast and easy booking process to secure your reservation for a day full of fun and memories.

Our Services

Banner Elk landscaping consists of a very distinct climate. The summer is a perfect temperature where the winters can become a little chilly with lots of snow. You want to be prepared when this season comes around and have a team of professional people to assist you with snow removal. Trusting that when the storm hits Premier Landscape & Maintenance will be there to do what you may not be able to do. Snow removal can be intense and strenuous so let us do the work for you while you sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

When summer starts to come around it is essential that you are prepared for all of the exciting festivities that will take place. After an intense winter and rainy spring, you will want some general upkeep/cleanup. Our crew is helpful and handy when completing any job. When beginning the summer, it is necessary to have a beautiful area to unwind and socialize in a beautiful area that is Banner Elk.

A beautiful addition to a lawn is a retaining wall. A retaining wall is not only going to add structural support, but it will increase the appeal of any outside exterior. In adding additional levels to your outdoor area, it will allow you a generous amount of space to showcase either a water feature, flowers or a number of other things. The functionality the retaining wall brings will give our team at Premier Landscape & Maintenance to design exactly what you are searching for.

The foundation of your lawn will make a difference in what designs and ideas you are considering. It is important to research what you are wanting to make sure that it will suit your specific location. We are able to design and consult with our client on different options that will meet their needs. A Patio and/or deck can be a perfect solution to give you the outdoor space you desire. Our landscapers are fully equipped to go over different attributes of a deck or patio, for example, the size, shape, and materials that will be right for you.

We Are Here to Help You

Providing our clients with people that you can trust and a company that will constantly use the highest quality material to ensure anything that is being constructed is going to last and withstand all the weather fluctuation Banner Elk landscaping has. We are dedicated to helping property owners maintain their lawns and accentuate the natural beauty of the High Country. Whatever you’re imagining we make it our priority to not just meet your needs but exceed them. We will always be sure to do what will fit your home nicest while keeping your budget and aesthetic preferences in mind.

Customer Service is important for every business and with our company, we understand our clients’ needs with scheduling. We are aware that our clients carry out busy lives and we want to accommodate them by providing a flexible schedule. By reaching out, you are able to schedule an appointment at your convenience. With this process, you can make decisions that work best for you whether that is just a start-up consultation or a recurring maintenance plan.

Working with our team will not only leave you with a wonderful experience but it will also leave you with a beautifully designed and maintained lawn that is sure to please everyone. Reach out to start your transformation process in Banner Elk and surrounding areas we can’t wait to work and help wherever we can.