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leaves turning orange, red, and yellow during the fall in Boone NC

If you own a property in the High Country, or are planning to visit in this fall, you may be wondering when you can expect the fall leaf peak color will be? If you are looking for the best time to see the leaves in Boone, and the surrounding towns such as Blowing Rock and Banner Elk, we provide some helpful information. Premier Landscape Management is the foremost landscaping company in Boone NC. If you need assistance with seasonal maintenance and lawn care Boone NC, please call us at 336-877-7990.

Forecasters are saying that leaf watchers can start seeing the autumn color begin at the higher elevations in late September and early October. From about September 27 to October 6th you’ll notice certain trees beginning to change color at 6,000 + feet. Places around Grandfather Mountain, the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Rough Ridge area will begin seeing some pops of color in spots.

In mid-October, elevations of 4,000 to 5,000 feet will begin to see trees changing color. The best color will be seen from the Banner Elk area within our High Country region at this time in the fall. Take a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Linn Cove Viaduct towards Blowing Rock, and you’ll see a ton of nice colors.

Late October, and early November is the best time to see leaves in the Boone NC area. Boone has an elevation of 3,333 feet and in some of the lower valley areas surrounding Boone, the leaves may take longer to peak.

This year, we are currently not in a drought, so leaves should peak and remain on the trees for a longer period. When we are in a drought, leaves fall quickly from their trees after changing color. Of course, if we get heavy winds from an impending snowstorm during this time, that could change things. Precipitation tends to impact fall leaf colors in regard to the timing that they peak, it does not really change the quality of the leaf colors. The determining factor for leaf colors is typically the drop-in temperature in late August and in September.

Premier Landscape Management’s Tree and Landscaping Services

Tree Landscaping Services

Premier Landscape Management provides expert tree landscaping services that enhance the natural beauty of your property. We specialize in selecting and planting trees that are best suited to the Boone NC climate.

Our knowledgeable team ensures that each tree is properly placed to thrive in its environment, contributing to the overall aesthetics and health of your landscape. Whether you need a single statement tree or a complete overhaul of your property’s tree landscape, we handle every detail with care.

Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Regular tree trimming is essential for the health and safety of your trees. At Premier Landscape Management, we offer professional tree trimming services that help prevent disease, promote growth, and enhance the natural form of your trees.

Our experienced arborists are equipped to manage everything from light pruning to the removal of large, hazardous branches. We ensure that your trees not only look their best but are also healthy and safe.

Arborist Services

Premier Landscape offers tree service Boone NC, tree trimming and mulching. Call, today! 336-877-7990 if you need us to remove dead limbs. Our certified arborists at Premier Landscape Management are experts in tree care. They provide comprehensive assessments and detailed care plans tailored to the specific needs of your trees.

From diagnosing tree diseases to implementing preventive care strategies, our arborists work to extend the life and enhance the beauty of your trees. They are also on hand to offer advice on tree conservation and help with selecting the right species for new plantings, ensuring a lush, vibrant landscape.

Seasonal Preparation Services

Premier Landscape Management excels in preparing landscapes for the changing seasons in Ashe County. As each season brings unique challenges, our team provides specialized services to ensure your outdoor areas remain vibrant and healthy year-round. In the spring, we focus on fertilization to kickstart growth and enhance the lushness of your lawn and gardens.

When fall arrives, we conduct thorough leaf cleanups and prepare your landscape for the colder months ahead. This includes winterizing gardens and irrigation systems to protect them from freezing temperatures and winter damage. Our proactive approach ensures that your landscape is not only maintained but also optimized for seasonal success, keeping it beautiful and functional no matter the weather.

Why Choose Our Tree Services

Choosing Premier Landscape Management for your tree services means you get reliable, knowledgeable care tailored to your landscape’s unique needs. Our team uses the latest techniques and equipment to ensure the best results. We are committed to sustainable practices, choosing treatments that are safe for the environment and effective for your trees. Trust us to keep your trees in excellent condition, enhancing the value and beauty of your property.

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