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landscaping Boone NCThe High Country receives visitors from all over the world during the autumn season. In planning landscape designs, we get a lot of requests from clients that want to incorporate the best trees for autumn color during this time of year. Here we can make recommendations for trees that you can incorporate into your landscape design in order to get the best fall color in your yard.

Maples including the Sugar Maple and the Red Maple
Sugar Maples can be found throughout the High Country and they offer a variety of color through each season. They begin green, and then turn yellow to orange, and then finally red in the midst of fall.  Red Maples can grow up to 60 feet and display red colors making it a fall favorite.

The Sweetgum tree offers a star shaped yellow to purple and sometimes even red color in the fall. The leaves on this tree tend to make it all the way through the autumn season showing color well through the end of fall.

Aspen trees turn yellow in the fall and are among some of the most beautiful trees out west; they typically grow in the Rock Mountains.

Sourwood trees are typically planted for their fragrant white flowers that bloom in the early summer, however its fall leaves are what have landed it on our list. They turn yellow, red and sometimes purple in the fall.

The leaves on the Sassafras tree change from bright light green to a deep orange, purple and even yellow in autumn.

Japanese Maple
These trees are shorter than the other maples mentioned above, however it packs a great fall color nearly year around. Even in the winter you will find this tree covered in reddish-purple leaves in a variety of locations in the High Country.

This deciduous conifer offers a gorgeous orange-red color during the fall time period. They grow to be exceptionally tall. These are best planted in pairs or lining driveways on each side for a towering affect.

Premier Landscape Design is a landscaping Boone NC company that offers tree installation and landscape design in the High Country. If you need help selecting the right plants and trees for your property, give us a call. We can discuss options and provide tree installation.