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Snow Removal Services in Boone NC

boone nc snowHow much snow does Boone NC get? That’s a question that every homeowner, student, and area newcomer will ask at least once. The answer to this question really depends on WHERE in Boone, North Carolina you are. Boone is a wonderful university town (home of the Appalachian State Mountaineers), that is filled with gorgeous locations, nice neighborhoods and in the winter time, snow.

Before winter hits you’ll want to have a Boone NC snow removal contractor in your contacts. The state of North Carolina’s Department of Transportation handles snow removal on the state-maintained roads, however your sidewalks, secondary or private roads, and private commercial parking lots are not state maintained. Certain areas can be particularly hazardous once the snow has begun to melt, and temps plummet causing the snow that has melted to re-freeze. These areas are particularly slick.

Snowfall Differs Across Elevations But We Can Help

The elevation of Boone, down around the area of Downtown King Street is about 3,333 feet above sea level. The elevation at Howard’s Knob, the mountain that majestically towers over Boone, is 4,396 feet above sea level. Nearby, Rich Mountain’s elevation reaches 4,741 feet. Properties that are located higher in elevation, or that are facing the western slopes tend to see a great deal more snowfall than our beautiful mountain town. Rest assured, we can handle any snow removal Boone NC job that you have.

We have residential and commercial snow removal clients. When the snow falls they count on us to come out and plow the snow into neat piles that are much less hazardous than allowing the snow to simply melt and re-freeze each night. For our commercial clients, these services are crucial to their day to day business. If there parking lot is filled with snow, and is slick to incoming clients, they cannot operate. We are a reliable snow removal Boone NC company. To find out more about our services simply give us a call at 336-877-7990 or send us a quick message via our Contact Form.

Premier Landscape Management’s Other Landscaping Services

In addition to our snow removal services in Boone, NC, Premier Landscape Management offers a comprehensive range of services to enhance and maintain your property throughout the year. During the warmer months, our expertise extends to grading, patio construction, retaining wall construction, and complete landscape installation services. Each of these services is tailored to fit the unique needs and aesthetics of your property, ensuring functionality and beauty.

Grading Services

Proper land grading is essential for preventing water damage and ensuring proper drainage in your landscape. Our grading services prepare your land for new construction, landscaping projects, or to improve the existing terrain’s drainage. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to accurately sculpt your property, ensuring that water flows away from structures and does not accumulate in unwanted areas.

Patio Construction

A well-designed patio not only extends your living space but also enhances your outdoor enjoyment. We specialize in creating custom patios using a variety of materials, including natural stone, pavers, and concrete, depending on your style and budget. Our designs can include features such as built-in fire pits, seating areas, and outdoor kitchens. Each patio is designed to blend seamlessly with your outdoor environment while providing a durable and attractive space for relaxation and entertainment.

Retaining Wall Construction

Retaining walls are not only functional but also add aesthetic value to your landscape. They are vital in preventing soil erosion, managing sloped areas, and creating usable flat spaces on hilly terrain. At Premier Landscape Management, we construct strong, durable retaining walls using materials that complement your landscape’s natural aesthetics. Whether you need a retaining wall to support a garden bed, enhance privacy, or prevent erosion, our team ensures that it is built to last.

Landscape Installation

an example of our landscaping services, a small pond surrounded by stones in a backyard

Transforming your vision into reality, our landscape installation services cover everything from planting trees and shrubs to laying sod and installing irrigation systems. We consider the local climate, soil conditions, and your personal preferences to create landscapes that are both beautiful and sustainable. Our team works diligently to select plants that will thrive in your specific environment, ensuring a lush and vibrant garden. We also offer xeriscaping and other water-efficient landscaping solutions to help conserve water and reduce maintenance.

Comprehensive Maintenance Programs

To ensure your landscape remains in peak condition, we offer ongoing maintenance programs. These services include mowing, trimming, fertilization, weed control, and seasonal clean-up. Our maintenance programs are customized to the needs of your property, keeping your home or business looking its best all year round.

At Premier Landscape Management, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, high-quality services that cover every aspect of landscape management. Whether you’re preparing for the winter snows or planning a new outdoor living area, our team is equipped with the skills and tools to meet your needs. Call us today at 336-877-7990 or reach out through our Contact Form to learn more about how we can transform and maintain your property.