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Keep the Bugs Off of your Flowers

landscaping pests Boone NCOur area of the North Carolina mountains has many different climates due to sheer topography. Watauga County ranges in elevation from 4,741 feet above sea level at Rich Mountain, the highest point in the county, to 2,677 feet above sea level in some valley locations along the Watauga River. That’s a range of nearly 2,000 feet. As you can imagine, just as you will find various native plants growing in various regions across the county, you will also find various pests depending on where you are located.

Premier Landscape Management is equipped to help you tackle the common pests in the area, and we can advise you on which plants typically get hit the hardest. This is especially helpful to property owners that might be planning a new construction, or landscape upgrade. If you have noticed bugs and other pests are inundating your favorite plants and flowers, we can help you get rid of them!

The common pests to your lawn and garden areas are bugs such as lace bugs and aphids of various types, including Rhododendron lace bug, which attack mountain laurel and rhododendron in our area. Mountain Laurel is a hugely popular landscaping bush in our region. It is native to our climate and can be quite expensive to replace depending on what type you are interested in. We talk with homeowners regularly that want to avoid losing money on their rhododendron plants that they have planted this season.
In addition to lace bugs, Beech Blight Aphids commonly cover beech trees and form a sort of woolly appearance on branches. The woolly appearance is caused by little bugs that appear to have a white wool fur.

The Watauga County branch of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, an outreach of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, at NC State University, located in downtown Boone is an excellent resource for homeowners that are looking to tackle pest issues themselves. Getting rid of the little buggers can be a hassle and quite frustrating.

Premier Landscape Management offers assistance with planning your landscaping around such issues and avoiding them in the future. We are skilled in lawn care and maintenance and have the tools to get the job done quickly. In addition to landscaping Boone NC services, we also are a grading contractor Boone NC, and we handle hardscaping services as well including building patios, walkways, and retaining walls Boone NC. We are equipped to handle snow removal Boone NC in the winter months. Give us a call at 336-877-7990 to discuss the details. If you’d rather submit a request for contact, you can do so here.