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Lawn Care Boone North Carolina

landscaping Boone NCPremier Landscape Management & Maintenance can help you with all your questions regarding landscaping Boone NC, and establishing a lawn in Boone, North Carolina or the surrounding areas of the High Country. Lawn Care Boone NC is a bit more complicated than most realize when they become homeowners. No matter if you are renovating your existing lawn or attempting to establish a healthy lawn during a new construction phase, we are here to help. You don’t have to figure out all the ins and outs, and pros and cons of using a certain type of grass when you hire our team of landscapers Boone NC. Instead of wasting countless dollars experimenting with trial and error, you can hire the lawn care experts in the area.

Of course, selecting the type of grass from a list of grasses that commonly do wonderfully in the mountains is usually the first step in setting up your new lawn. Many clients come to us and would like for us to recommend a type of grass; others have their own wishes and we are here to meet those wishes.

Our landscapers Boone NC can properly advise you on the type of grass that will best suit your property. For instance, factors such as where in the county you are located, how much sun your lawn gets, the desired look of the lawn, and the intended use for the lawn should all be carefully considered when choosing what type of grass, you will use to establish your lawn.

Grasses are typically classified as either cool season grasses or warm season grasses. Both types are grown in the High Country. Kentucky bluegrass, which is a common favorite among homeowners, is a type of cool season grass. Each type of grass is rated by its tolerance and temperament towards shade, heat, cold, drought, wear, and its preferred season (cool season vs. warm season).

In our mountain region there are several different types of Kentucky Bluegrass that are appropriate for lawns and landscaping Boone NC. For instance, according to the Watauga County branch of the NC Extension of NC State, there is fine fescue mix, tall fescue mix, tall/fine fescue mix, and perennial ryegrass mix, and all are specific varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass. Understanding the various pros and cons of using any of these varieties of Kentucky bluegrass is what we are here for. Give us a call at 336-877-7990 to discuss your landscaping Boone NC needs, or fill out the simple contact and request for information form found here.