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Landscape Design Services

Staring over the undulating mountaintops of the peak-less green tide called the High Country, it’s difficult to think someone could design a landscape with the random perfection found so effortlessly in nature. The brush strokes of millions of years of rain and fault lines in symphonic harmony gave us these wondrous mountains, and the opportunity to live here is boundless in its deserving of gratitude. The landscape designing we perform here at Premier landscaping is done with all of this in mind.

landscape design boone nc

Landscape Gardeners Boone NC, Blowing Rock, Vilas, West Jefferson, Alleghany County and Wilkes County.

We know that the best way to design an outdoor room, or garden, is precisely with an outdoor room in mind. When you’re envisioning an area with shrubs, bushes, and ferns, you’re imagining a place that will bring you the same joy that is found effortlessly in the landscape already surrounding you. Landscape designing is a way of tailoring your yard or garden into a place of peace and serenity you can experience.

The Philosophy of Landscape Designing

It shouldn’t be done with the notion of transformation, but rather an enlightening and improving of a space. At premier landscaping, we seek transformation through this process, rather an around it. We have created water features and ponds with ingenious retaining walls and perched sitting areas to supplement the already interesting nature of the yards for homes in the High Country area. The styles are as varied as the people who ask for them, and our professionalism and execution withstand all criticism. Whatever you need on your hills of green, we can supply with skill for a fee.

Contact us today for all your landscaping needs, be it land grading and excavation, patio construction, landscape designing, and more, we can get it done right the first time. Our crew is easy to talk to, swift and timely in our performance, and hard working to boot. Start your landscape designing dreams today, with Premier landscaping.