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Lawn Care Boone NC

Premier Landscape Management, Boone landscapers, are the established local lawn care Boone NC specialists assisting clients that have a discerning eye for luxury and the best lawn in the neighborhood. Our team is passionate about transforming overgrown yards into well kempt, properly maintained lawns.

Preparing your lawn while its growing will help it to maintain its beauty throughout the year. Aeration, fertilizing, and water it are some basic practices that will ensure that the soil contains the vital nutrients that the sod / grass needs. The early spring is the ideal time period, however our area typically sees a later spring most years, so ensuring that you do this at the right time, is crucial.

How do you aerate? Let us handle this work for you and get your lawn care Boone NC ready for the summer. Essentially, you poke holes throughout your yard to allow for water, air, and other nutrients to seep down deeper into the soil. It ensures that your soil will not become hard and compacted, making it hard to grow anything., including healthy grasses.

Also, ensuring that you have proper drainage set up throughout your yard and outdoor space will ensure that the soil does not become impacted, or too full of water during the heavy rain season in the early summer.

In addition to being landscape design specialists, and handling construction of retaining walls Boone NC and paved walkways, we also can help you with custom ideas that you have for your outdoor space. Give us a call at 336-877-7990 to begin designing the perfect lawn.