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landscape design A pollinator is anything that carries pollen produced from the male part of the flower, the stamen, to the female part of the same flower or another flower (stigma). Insects, bats, beetles, flies and bees are common pollinators. These creatures search for food, shelter, and nest building materials and end up spreading pollen from one flower to another. Seed and fruit producing trees and flowers rely on pollinators to spread pollen enabling them to produce seeds and fruits. Without pollinators, the Earth would be a very desolate place where no life could thrive. Many clients are now requesting that we create a pollinator sanctuary on their property. These spaces allow pollinators to do their best work and create food for the rest of us. Sometimes these spaces are referred to as pollinator gardens.

Creating a biological pollinator sanctuary is quite easy for our team. Our planning method takes into account the common pollinators of your area and makes plans to include flowers that are native to the area, and that feed the pollinators throughout each stage of their life. Minimal pesticides are used for pollinator gardens as the common pesticide chemicals can harm pollinators. If you must use pesticides, even organic ones, it is best to spray and use them in the evenings after pollinators have stopped flying. If you can, it is wise to include a water source for pollinators in your pollinator sanctuary.

Pollinator friendly gardens tend to bloom from spring to fall in succession. We can provide you with a detailed site plan that shows you what to expect. Our team is equipped to provide landscape design, and pondscapes as well. We have created a variety of ponds and waterfall systems that can serve as water sources for pollinators.

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