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retaining wall builder Boone NC

Retaining Wall Builder Boone

Retaining walls are absolutely a crucial part of living in the High Country. Most properties in Watauga, Ashe, Alleghany and even Wilkes counties have slope and erosion issues unless they are in a low-lying valley or river bed area. Premier Landscaping is one of the best contractors in the area. If you are looking for a retaining wall builder Boone NC, give us a call at 336-877-7990. We’ll discuss your needs and come out and provide you with a detailed estimate.

Controlling downhill erosion is important to maintaining your property. Storms, wind, and snow can cause erosion issues and the sediments that are eroded generally clog up other areas of your properties where they wash to. A retaining wall can add beauty and curb appeal to your space and minimize the effects of erosion on your property by changing the slope and holding back land.

Some retaining walls also provide a new nice flat area to landscape, and pack with flowers, and other fast-growing shrubs and trees, adding color and beauty to your space. Property owners that have a tremendous amount of sloping on their property especially love the flat space that a retaining wall can provide.

Engineering and construction of a retaining wall should be carried out by a professional. We have seen where a homeowners best laid plans go awry when in the process of constructing a wall. Many folks do not think about all of the ins and outs that a professional will consider prior to beginning the construction of your retaining wall. You want a retaining wall that will last, and not require further construction, or re-construction.

The price of a retaining wall is really determined by what materials you would prefer used by your retaining wall builder Boone NC. Certainly, style, width and height factor into prices for retaining walls. We can provide you with options and material costs, and you can decide which material you would like to go with based on your budget and needs. Some materials certainly last longer than others. Poured concrete and stone retaining walls are the strongest.

In addition to landscaping, mulch Boone NC, and retaining walls, Premier Landscaping company is also a grading contractor in Boone, a landscaper offering tree service in Boone NC, and we offer snow removal in Boone NC during the winter months.