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Tree Leaf Dilemmas to Watch For in the Fall

Fall is a wonderful season that brings a lot of colorful beauty as the changing leaves blanket the mountainsides with color. Some trees have more color than others and if you want a glorious display of color each autumn then you should plant trees that offer pops of color each year. We can help you decide which varieties are best for your landscaping Boone NC area. Maple trees, river birch trees, Beech trees, and oak trees provide gorgeous leaf transitions.

If you already have an established yard and your trees are mature you should become aware of potential problems with your trees that arise in the fall season. One problem that you can look out for is leaves that prematurely fall from trees. Trees vary with regards to how soon their leaves drop. For instance, ash varieties tend to lose their leaves first. This is of interest when you are attempting to determine when peak season is for the fall leaves in the High Country.

Leaves typically begin to fall from trees about a week or so after peak color. The region that you live in will determine when exactly peak color will come. Rain, how much daylight the tree gets, and changing temperatures are what determine when the peak color will occur. We will not bore you to death with the details regarding phytochromes and cryptochromes and how these chemical light receptors impact leaf colors and their ability to carry out the process of photosynthesis. Instead, we will cover some common problems that you can encounter. If you have any questions or would like to have our assistance with tree trimming Boone NC, or planning your landscaping in the High Country, give us a call at 336-877-7990. We love assisting clients with tree related questions and preparing for the fall season in the High Country. We also offer tree trimming Boone NC services and can trim up your dead and unwanted tree limbs.

Trees can prematurely lose their leaves if the region in which you live has been under a drought or experience a particularly dry summer. This is because the tree needs to shed its dead leaves to be more effective at preserving water. Be aware of leaves that prematurely drop after a particularly wet summer, as the tree could be inundated with pests or disease without showing outward signs of these dilemmas. If you think you might have an invasive pest causing problems to your tree’s health, we can come out and thoroughly assess the tree, and take care of all of your tree health related issues.

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