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Wherever you live in Boone, NC, you live nestled in the trees. Be it on a hill side stilt home, a nook in the hollow, amber yellow home in a development, or at the end of a dirt road, trees will surround you. The most amazing aspect of Boone, NC is the nature of it’s trappings. Carved in to a mountain forest, we mainly cooperate with nature in this town. Now and again, nature disagrees. Rather than destroy the trees that trail the sight lines we love, a quick call to a tree trimmer in Boone, NC keeps the town ticking.


tree service Boone NC

Premier Landscape offers tree service Boone NC, tree trimming and mulching. Call us if you need us to remove dead limbs.

Arborists are a skilled bunch, as no one trims trees without skill in the High Country. There are some that are worse than others, and some better, but at Premier landscaping we only employ the best of the best of the best. We understand that tree trimming is a utilitarian art and is to be performed with precision. It’s the inverse of a bonsai tree, if the purpose of the bonsai tree wasn’t purely decoration. Coupled with power lines, sight lines, and the potentiality of tree felling, arborists are a skilled bunch at the amateur level.

The Best Tree Trimmer in Boone, NC

When you’re searching for a tree trimmer in Boone, NC that you can trust and always rely on, you’ll find no better than Premier Landscaping. We’re the best tree trimmer in Boone, NC, and the High Country for that matter. Find us and get in touch, ask questions, and get a quote right away on our website with ease.

We know the difficulty of landscaping, and we take pride in knowing how to do it efficiently and skillfully enough that it becomes easy for our crew. Whatever you need, we can help you trim your lawn, lair, weeds, and trees!