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tree trimming Are you in need of a tree trimmer? Autumn is a great time period to call us for tree services in the High Country. During the winter months, the colder temperatures bring with them a lot of snow and ice. Our tree limbs can become a hazardous feature of your property if you let the really long or weak ones go for too long. During ice storms a common problem is fallen limbs that block the driveway or worse, fall on a structure such as your house. We can come out to your property and assess the limbs that need to be cut and carry out the tree trimming Boone NC job. We are also a nice number to have on hand in times of emergency.

There are several different reasons to get your trees cut in the High Country. Aside from the hazardous nature of large tree limbs falling into unwanted places, many homeowners call on us to improve the aesthetic of the tree and keep its shaping looking great. Some homeowners want to keep their trees cut a certain way, or in a certain shape. Some evergreens and boxwoods can be cut into various shapes that you might desire. These should be regularly pruned to keep their shape. These types of topiary landscapes require a great deal of attention. Another reason to cut your trees is to maintain proper tree health. You can sometimes save an infected tree by cutting the branches and limbs that are affected. This type of cutting must be done by a trained professional to ensure that the infection is not spread and eliminated.

When you need affordable tree service in the High Country, we are the name to trust. We will come out and remove the dead limbs and any that obstruct your driveway, street, or that are at risk of damaging your home or a window. With regards to your larger shrubs, hedges and bushes, we simply prune and beautify these so that they can continue to grow in the correct pattern.

Depending on the species, you may want to get your trees trimmed twice a year. Once in the spring to promote growth, and once just before the winter months to prevent hazards.

In addition to tree trimming Boone NC, we also offer landscape design, landscaping Boone NC,  installation, and maintenance. We can mow your lawn on a routine basis, and we can build patios, ponds and waterfalls. We are equipped to carry out grading, excavation and, in the winter, snow removal.