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The answer to this question truly lies with what variety of turf your property has, however typically the growing season begins around mid-April near Easter, however many wait until mid-May to begin cutting turf on a weekly basis. There are some types of grasses that continue to grow into the cool season, which extends the grass cutting season from early spring all the way through fall. In this region, most all kinds of turf that you might have will need to be cut on a regular basis beginning in June. Most all will grow exponentially each week, depending on the rainfall we get, which during this period, can be a lot.

All grasses stay mostly green through the cold months of winter, unlike areas off the mountain where it will turn brown during the dog days of summer. If you are wondering – “When Does Grass Season Start in Boone NC”, we provide those answers here. Premier Landscape & Maintenance offers landscaping Boone NC services to all areas in Boone, and the surrounding High Country region. We are available for commercial and residential projects. We also carry out regular seasonal maintenance for properties that we manage.

Turf Options for the High Country

Premier Landscape & Maintenance offers turf installation to our clients in the High Country. We offer various turf grasses including the ever-popular Kentucky bluegrass which flourishes in our region. For many, this type of turf is the ideal grass with its deep green hue. It’s also hardy enough to survive our cold winters.

There are other grass mixes that lead to a desirable lawn. For instance, some prefer a fescue/Kentucky bluegrass mix, which delivers increased shade tolerance and the blades are a bit finer. For higher altitudes, there are a variety of high altitude native grasses that are available.

Generally speaking, the best time to seed grass is in the late fall, just prior to the first snowfall of the year. The seeds that you sow will geminate in the spring. For certain varieties you can also seed in June and July, just prior to the rainy season, however when we handle turf installation and grass seeding for you, we will take all of the guess work out of what to do and handle the job for you.

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