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grub control Lawn grubs feed on grass roots and other organic material found in your soil and can create havoc for your lawn. Essentially, they chomp down on your grass’s root system and cause it to eventually die. Grub worms are the larva form of beetles, you know those same types of beetles, or June bugs, that begin to feed on your flower’s and their leaves in the summertime, causing them to be unsightly, and eventually die. These threats to your grass and landscaping can be eradicated with proper grub control methods.

Generally speaking, these beetles begin to grow in the winter, and they geed on grass roots. They change into pupae that will eventually become beetles in the summer. Once they are fully grown beetles, which only takes a little while in the same summer season, these beetles lay their eggs in the soil. In the fall, the eggs hatch and begin to feed on grass roots. It’s an endless cycle. Japanese beetles that we see a lot in the High Country, have a three-year life cycle. Scarab Beetle have a one-year life cycle.

As your lawn becomes more and more green in the spring and summer months, pay close attention to any brown spots that you can see. Many times, these brown spots are created by grub feeding in the previous fall season. If you think that grubs are the cause, you can reach down and grab a section of brown grass and pull it up. If there are no roots, then you know grubs have munched on the root system and destroyed that patch of grass. Other times, your green grass may appear or feel spongy. In these times, grubs can usually be present.

Healthy lawns will have some pests including grub worms, however the amount that they have determines how healthy it is. If you dig up a section of lawn in the late summer and see grubs present, take note of the amount. Zero to 5 is ok. Anything more, you might want to treat your lawn, especially if the numbers are higher, more than 10.

Grub control is best applied in the mid to late summer or early fall time period, when the grub worms are at their youngest and most vulnerable. There are different types of products that can be applied for grub control. We can come out and assess your lawn and apply the correct form of grub control for the type of situation that your lawn is in. We offer landscaping Boone NC services in the High Country. Contact us today.