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All about Lawn Aeration

It is no secret that all lawns benefit from being aerated. What exactly is lawn aeration, do you ask? Or, perhaps you are looking for information on how to aerate your lawn in the High Country yourself? Here we will discuss various details about how you can aerate your lawn, and the most effective tools that you can use. Lawn aeration can be time consuming and a hassle, especially for busy homeowners and families. That’s where we come into play. Premier Landscape Management & Maintenance has been landscaping Boone NC in the High Country area since 2000. Please don’t judge us by that previous sentence structure 😉   That mention was for the search engines.

Aerating a lawn promotes root health and improves your lawn’s ability to obtain necessary things for growth such as water and oxygen. Aerating a lawn is nothing more than creating small holes within your soil and root layer that counter roots that are bound together too tightly. The overall object is to promote growth by creating faster ways for the water to distribute into the soil, and to promote new root systems.

You can purchase various aeration tools such as a spike aerator, or a power core aerator (the better choice). These are tools that can be time consuming if used on a large lawn. The old rule, you get what you pay for, can be applied here. You will find inexpensive tools that can penetrate the surface of the soil, however depending on the status of the soil, especially if it’s incredibly dry, these inexpensive tools do not really get the job done. Power core aerators are a much more efficient tool to use when aerating your lawn. We can come out and handle all of your lawn care and maintenance related jobs at a very affordable price. Save money and the frustration of the hassle doing it yourself and call us for lawn aeration and landscaping Boone NC services.

All things considered, it’s wise to have your lawn aerated at least once a year. Some grasses tend to compact together a bit more than others. The time of the year that you should aerate varies depending on the type of grass. Fall, cold season grasses, such as Kentucky Bluegrass, should be aerated in the fall season. Warm season grasses should be aerated in warmer months.

Premier Landscape Management & Maintenance is equipped to handle all of your related landscaping Boone NC needs. If you have questions, or would like to schedule a free estimate or consultation, please call us at 336-877-7990, or fill out our quick contact form and we will be in touch.