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harvesting rainwaterPremier Landscape Service can help you with all your landscaping Boone NC needs including create fountains, waterfalls, and ponds on your property. Proper irrigation is usually a part of these types of projects if you do not already have a water source on your property. Many times, these types of projects can also be supplemented with rainwater harvested each time it rains. There are many benefits to using harvested rainwater on your property, for watering the lawn, to supplying water for a waterfall system that we build.

An Ancient Practice
Harvesting rainwater has been a practice since ancient times. Researchers have found water barrels and urns that were built to be rainwater basins in civilizations that exists 4,000 years ago. In ancient times, this water served a variety of purposes for people living in a location that was a significant distance from a water source.  Much like the people of the ancient times, this water can be used to supply areas of your lawn and special projects such as a hardscaped waterfall, with enough water to function.

Better for the Planet

Re-using rainwater is much better for the planet than well water, which requires a pump, and electricity to function.

Stop Being Impacted by Water Shortages

Rainwater is free and no matter how much you use, or harvest, you will have to pay a price. This is especially helpful in times of a water shortage, or when a municipality raises water rates, which inevitably all cities and towns do. Even if your property is not located within a municipal water system, you will still find the rainwater helpful in times of drought if you have enough water stored.

Better for the Plants

There is a big difference between tap water, well water, and rainwater. It’s easy for us to understand the differences when we examine the differences between tap water, bottled water and deionized water that we might use for drinking water. Rainwater is usually free of chemicals and salts and preferred by plants and flowers.