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What to Plant in the High Country of Western North Carolina

landscaping Boone NCThe High Country area is a hugely diverse area both geographically and as far as climate. The climate diversity is due to the changing elevation throughout the region. For instance, the climates atop Grandfather Mountain, and Beech Mountain (elevation 5,945 ft, and 5,5506 ft respectively) are dramatically different from the climate that you’ll experience in downtown Boone, which sits at 3,333 ft elevation. The types of plants that you plant in your outdoor space should be plants that will thrive in the climate of your neighborhood.

Homeowners should also pay close attention to their location. If you are down in a valley area, flanked by mountains on all sides, your property does not get as much direct sunlight during the day as a location atop a hillside. The trend these days tends towards planting native plants and landscaping for the climate that you are in. We tend to lean towards this trend as it makes your outdoor space feel more like a cohesive environment for all, and you rarely will fight common problems, such as exotic evasive plants that tend to take over. This natural way of landscaping Boone NC is just one service that we offer at Premier Landscape & Maintenance.

Think about planting trees such as the Sugar Maple, Sweet Birch, Persimmon, or various oak varieties that we have native to our state. If you are looking for small shrubs that are native, think about Hazelnut, wild Hydrangea, Virginia Willow, Spicebush, Fetterbush and Flame Azalea. If you are looking for a climbing vine that is native, check out the Virginia Creeper, and if you want a special addition to your ornamental or flower garden, check out the Jack in the Pulpit, a gorgeous wildflower that offers a delicate bloom.

If you are interested the full, extensive list of the plants that are native to our area, the North Carolina Cooperative Extension service has a ton of resources that they can provide. We also can provide advice and our own experience, having worked in landscaping Boone NC services for decades.

Premier Landscape & Maintenance offers lawn maintenance Boone NC, retaining walls, patios, excavation services, water features, ponds, and all types of landscape design. In the winter months, we also offer snow removal Boone NC.